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So you’ve made it to Gelno Land.

Now that you are here, I would greatly accept any and all suggestions on how to improve this site.  Please e-mail me at {email removed due to spammers, instead leave comments below}.  Always remember that my spelling and grammar suck so dont point it out.


August 22, 2014

This site has not seen any updates since April of 2004.  That’s right, more than 10 years.  Maybe I will keep up with it this time.  Maybe not…

Anywho, the plan is to reposition much of the old content into this new format but the old pages will be kept intact somewhere for you to find.  As new and old things get brought into this newness, they will be added to the tabs way up at the top of the page. Hint, look up now.  If you happen to be on a very small screen, the tabs will compress into a pull-down thingy….yeah, good luck with that.


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