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427 Windsor

My 1972 Gran Torino Sport

When we realised the Mustang is more swiss than cheese (i.e. massive rot), we set out looking for another “rotless” car for our massive 427W. We found this, a 72′ gran torino sport in excellent shape.




This is some pics of the removal of the origional 351C 2v and auto trans (either FMX or C4). Now the prep for the 427W and top loader 4 speed manual trans begins




Here is some pics of the dash removal, yes all of this is nesissary. Some of the pics are, well, un-determinend in origin, but they are there any way




More text, 1-2-3

My 1967 Mustang

This is where you can see pics from and read about my Mustang restoration and and the rebuild on my newley acquired V8 427ci engine




Today the 302 block was picked up, and droped off at the machine shop where it will be cleaned and checked for cracks. From what I saw it did not have signs of any. I also orded a catalog from P.A.W. Hoping they will have many of the parts i will need to build this engine



Today I changed the front drum shoes and picked up the block from the shop, there are no cracks! My next door neighbor let me borrow an engine stand so i can start work on the engine




This was actually written on 7/18/00. I have picked up a 5 speed manual tranny from a mid 80’s 5.0 stang and had it kinda rebuilt ( it dident really need it )




And now for the big news. I ( me and my brother ) have just purchased a long block engine kit from the P.A.W. Catalog. Scrap that scrawney 302 in the junk heap, this kit is a 351 windsor motor stroked to a 427! The kit comes with a completly machiened block including all clearances for the 400m crankshaft and the chrysler 360 connecting rods and chevy 283 pistions. There is an article on this particular engine kit from P.A.W. In the August 2000 issue of Mustang&Fords. When I get it I will take picks of all stages of assemebly and installation




Wow! Long time no update. Well alot has happend since mid last July. Me and bill installed the crankshaft, pintons, connecting rods, camshaft and some other odds and ends. This engine is taking mutch longer than enyone expected. Its all because of that green paper with pictures and numbers on it. I both hate and love that stuff. We already have the timing cover and the next thing we have to purchase is the balancer and maby the flywheel. We are doing are best to purchase higher qualty pieces than stock to make this a very solid engine. I hope were doing it right. I shouldent be worried though, I have 5-10 people to help if we get stuck